This photo was made at the Berlin wall in Oct. Its difficult to imagine even having seen it with my own eyes that this was so recent in our history.Ascendvickiseabrookphoto-berlin


Ah, The full English….. Temporarily on my plate.


My favorite 4 letter word is SALE .R0000730I come from a long line of fashionable women, my great grandmotheer wore the most incredible clothes and always looked stunning,  (somehow it skipped a generation with my grandmother ) my mother also had the bug .I wouldn’t exactly say I’m a shopoholic, maybe I’m a recovered one as I realize it’s not things that make you happy , it’s experiences for me BUT I do love fashion.  My closets are filled to the brim. Something about the latest color, style,  manequins dressed in frills, makes me stop in my tracks and think, ooooh, shiny!